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Friday, September 14, 2018

Step by Step...a Heron

Sometimes you know exactly what
you want a painting to look like when done;
sometimes you just go with the flow
and see what happens...

And while the subject of this painting (or the object) was to be a white and grey heron slightly off center, I was much more interested in seeing how the surrounding foliage and foreground waters were going to take shape.  Here's the step by step, over the course of several days and one vacation!

blocking out the lights & darks
establishing some texture & motion

playing with the colors
stating the direction of energies

pushing the "hole" back further 
placing the bird
establishing the patterns of reflections

Sacred Space, 16 x 12, 
oil on canvas

detail of texture and color

This is a rather large "test tile" for me as I usually try to do experiments on an 8 x 10 canvas.  However I am finding that with a large, flat brush it is much easier to work on a larger size support...there is much more real estate to play with and for me that means more color gradations which is what the experiment is all about.  (Now what will I do with all those 8 x 10's I have stacked up and ready to go? hmmmmm)

p.s.  I am making too many experiments to frame them all.  Someday I will get the best ones loaded up onto my website for purchase "as is."  Meanwhile if you find one that rings your chimes let me know; the "test tiles" are an inexpensive way to enjoy original art.  email:

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