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Friday, June 15, 2018

Vine Time

I've never thought about 
'painting for wine'
but I'd gladly barter this next piece for an
appropriate number of bottles if that's 
your choice!!

Vine Time, oil, framed, 20 x 24

More paintings have been ruined by over-painting than not!  It's really difficult when one becomes engrossed in the myriad details to stop and not render too much information. 

Thinking perhaps I had not gone far enough on this piece I asked some favorite collectors if they knew where this was.  "The vineyards in Napa?" they responded.  Well, good enough.  I pointed out the mountain horizon and they realized it was Grandfather Mountain in the background.  "Oh, that's here!" they exclaimed.  In all fairness, they had yet to spend an afternoon sipping vino at the nearby Grandfather Winery but at least they could call a growing vineyard from the info I provided.

This is a risky composition for me...a huge post front and off-center and everything else secondary.  I love the compliments of purple and orange together so that was an easy choice for me.  The rest was a push-pull on giving just enough info without painting every single leaf on every single vine.

Some local artists shy away from painting this iconic and very recognizable mountain range but I think it gives a sense of place to the scene.  Our area has several local vineyards experimenting with growing their own grapes and combining the fruit with that brought in from further west.  I do my best to support them...ahem.

I know that grapevines improve with age, the older, hardier stock produce better grapes and thus more full bodied wine so in a way I see the mountains, some of the oldest in our nation, encouraging the relative newbies to be strong, grow, flourish and stick around for the long haul.

Meanwhile, we locals will have to move over and give up our seats as welcome summer tourists pour onto the grounds to sip the wines and listen to local music.  It's a wonderful way to spend an afternoon.  If you have enjoyed a bottle with this view you know exactly what I am talking about.


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