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Friday, April 20, 2018


Not to belabor this test tiles theme...
it takes a while for an old dog to learn new tricks!
One last post on testing,
one last post on block printing.

In my experimenting with block prints I revisited one of the first ones I cut: a baby airstream.  I was (sorta) satisfied with this piece UNTIL I entered "testing...testing" mode and began to actively consider early pieces as "trial runs."  I still loved the image but knew I could do better.  So, I decided this was a "test tile" and vowed to try again employing the things I now had learned.

I revisited my original image and enlarged it while also giving it a border which I felt added to the design.  You see it on the tracing paper which I flipped to imprint onto the rubber block.  I decided that the "white spaces," the place where the rubber is removed, should be slightly more interesting than a deep cut that leaves no impression.  So I made my cuts to resemble a sun in one corner and imply a tree in another.  I knew if I hated these additions I could remove them later.

Now that the block is cut it is time to ink it up.  Can you see the sun and the tree suggestions?

I press the paper on top of the block and smooth it with my finger tips so that the ink adheres.

Time to carefully pull back the paper for the result.

Not too shabby!  I like it.

Testing with another paper:

Very nice.  And this is where I will rest and go over it with a close eye to see if any lines need to be removed or if any other papers should be tested.  I'm anxious to try this on fabric as well.

Happy trails to you!  I think the "test tiles" proved their worth.  This has some exciting possibilities.  And all from a couple pieces of rubber and the patience to rework until satisfaction is reached.  I think "test tile" will be my new buzz word for a bit longer. Thanks Maggie, the lessons was much needed.  So if at first you don't succeed....


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