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Friday, November 10, 2017

Is White the Absence of Color?

"...The rabbit-hole went straight on like a tunnel for
some way, and then dipped suddenly down,
so suddenly that Alice had not a moment to think
about stopping herself before she found herself
falling down a very deep well." 
                                                      from Alice in Wonderland,        
                                 Lewis Carroll

It is a very deep well indeed....with all kinds of underground systems leading to new and unusual places.  I was playing with natural dyes:

upper L to R: goldenrod, red cabbage with vinegar, red cabbage with
ammonia, walnut hulls and avocado pits and skins...

and I found the subtle colors soothing.  This was not my usual bursts of magenta or lime green and yet these were refreshing, calming.  Which got me to thinking about the absence of it white?

That question caught my eye as I was surfing through program offerings on PBS and I watched one that involved a challenge from an art professor in working with white.  He talked about white being relative.  One only has to go to the paint store and ask for "white" to learn that there is at least "50 shades of" white.  Which lead me to begin thinking about experiments using white.

(See where the rabbit hole tunnels can turn back now!)

Which led me to reclaim an old painting with the intention of playing around with....white? whiteS?

the green tape is to protect the frame as this painting was apparently glued to the frame...? So I covered over the old piece.

I began to play with different shades of white...using up some old paint on the palate and employing a few toys: credit card to scrape, a rubber nib, a roller and a small sponge.  I wasn't sure where this was going and I was trying hard not to let that major issue get in the way.

Oh dear, Joni Mitchell is now singing "...they paved paradise..." and that becomes a working title.  I'm afraid that now I feel bound to come up with something.  Shoot.  We will see.  Time to let it dry, it feels a bit busy to me. Perhaps move on to a "white" collage.

12 x 9 white canvas back to the oil.

More white and I'm not liking this at all.  I'm a bit scattered without some sort of a plan....

 from bad to badder or worse to worse-er?

Calling it quits.
Unless I have a wild inspiration soon this will be headed right for the dumpster.
HOWEVER...not all is lost.  I learned that I (that's me, not everyone) need some semblance of a plan before I begin.  No problem diverting from it but with no plan I just get tangled up in the weeds.
AND, I liked working with these various shades of no color.  It's a "try again."  With a plan.

Going to go dig out the beginnings of that white collage and see where it goes...I did start with a standard abstract format referred to as the cruciform.  Now watch me take off....

Dabbling WithOut Color,

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