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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse - Part I

I've been thinking a lot lately about how art reflects
the times in which it was created.  It often documents
historical events or records emotional
reactions to the news of the day.  That seems to be the work
that survives the test of time.

To that end I felt it necessary that I make a mark related to the recent eclipse.  Yes, I had eclipse-mania and really looked forward to enjoying the phenomenon.  We were not in the zone of totality but good enough to make it an "event."  It was wonderful, I enjoyed it on so many levels and tried to soak it up through all my senses hoping to be inspired towards paint.

No one, no one had a better picnic than we did!  We even had a playlist of moon and sun related music!  I decided that the least I could do regarding a painting of the event was to try.  So I began to make some sketches in my book of possible designs for an abstract layout.

This was merely a brainstorming style exercise as I was going to use color, collage, markers...whatever it took to convey some feeling about the event.  And I had to question myself carefully to articulate what those feelings were.  Gosh...more difficult than just throwing some paint around.


I chose several supports in various sizes, and got started.  I knew I needed a "hill" (we were on the top of a friend's mountain) and I knew I needed a wonderful blue sky with all shapes of lovely clouds.


I wanted a lot of layers and a variety of media...a very hard assignment for someone who gets impatient to see the final result waaaaay before it is ready to present.

wood panel

This is definitely a "push/pull" exercise as I put things down and then I cover them up.  The bad news is that if I fall in love with a part, it eventually gets covered; the good news is that when I make a mistake, I just cover it up.

I'm not happy with the sun and the moon....they feel too heavy.  Or perhaps the colors need repeating elsewhere.  But as today's sun was setting and I was still engrossed in my studio, I decided that these would be finished another day.  It's always a surprise to return and see what transpired....after a good nights sleep work always looks different.

So hang on...I will finish and post. Who knows where they will go or if I will ever share them beyond this post. I wanted to try....thats what it is all about.

And I'm curious, have you felt a need to document your eclipse experience in some way?  Please share....


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