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Friday, August 4, 2017

Art Rocks...or Not?!

Just sharing some fun...I'll leave the participation
(or not) up to you and your good sense.
Use your own creativity and judgement....

We were pulling the little airstream into the dump area to get water as we entered a State Park Campground in western NC.  Just as we were connecting and unconnecting and watering and so forth, I looked down and there on the ledge I found:

So cool.  I love rocks and this seemed like a good omen.  I flipped it over and read the back:

Well Miss Debby, I said to myself, you made my day!  As soon as I had internet I went to the Facebook page titled "RVing Rocks."  And learned that there was an entire community "out there" painting and hiding rocks in places that RV campers might find them.  Just under 5,000 strong, these folks of all ages were "hiding" rocks and recording the findings.  You know my interest was piqued.

I knew I had some suitable rocks at home to paint and leave during our next camping trip.

These were not taken from a national park, most I saw in a parking lot.  As I learned more about this rock painting "thing" I found some folks suggested going to the garden store or Walmart to obtain rocks.

I used Sharpie oil pens.  Acrylic paint works fine as well and sometimes you will need to start with a solid color on which to design.

Now....the RV FB group posted an article from the Texas State Parks discouraging people from participating in this project.  Their concern was protecting the natural state of parkland and I know that park lovers agree.  But many comments mentioned the fact that parking lots, bathrooms, campsites and gift shops had already disrupted some of the natural areas and if one stuck to these places no harm would come.  I agree.  Another writer (an embarrassed Texan) noted the State's goal of enticing children to come and enjoy the parks, so why didn't they embrace the idea and suggest areas (playgrounds, picnic areas, amphitheaters etc) to leave a stone or two.  Why does it have to be ALL or NOTHING?  Lets trust discretion.  (Some of you may remember the same fears expressed about the game of geocaching.)

A little further research and I found this began with "The Kindness Rocks" project in an effort to spread joy and smiles.  Read here to learn about the beach combing gal who had the idea and what she wanted to do.  In fact, her project website has a list of guidelines which explain things to think about in leaving a rock, they even suggest getting permission in certain cases.  In fact, in their words:
 "BE MINDFUL and BE RESPECTFUL of others, as that is what true kindness and peace is all about."

I did, only for a moment, wonder what would happen if too many rocks got out there all painted and unnatural.  Well, no fear.  It took me less than 5 minutes to return my rock to natural by rubbing it in the sand and on another rock ( I had decided I did not like the paint job).  I think Mother Nature will take care of any unfound rocks.

I'm going to finish my last rock and leave one at our next several stops (I will not leave in a national park however).  So you choose.  Maybe you have read of other spontaneous affirmations of kindness that folks have made and left for others to find.  If so, let me know in a reply.  Meanwhile, keep your eyes ready to find....a sign!


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