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Friday, June 30, 2017

Flower Power

Spring has done funny things to me.
Like now I am painting flowers.  Yep, flowers!
Something I have rarely painted before...never
say never I guess.  You never know, so I guess you do.

I have hundreds of flower photos.  At times I think I want to learn botanical illustration and I get all ready and...nothing.  I have clipped bouquets and brought them to the studio to paint only to find 100 other things that suddenly need doing.  Was I avoiding the subject?  Let me tell you, they are not easy.  So no time like the present to tackle a tough subject.

I cut myself a lovely stash of rhododendron stems and placed them in water in the studio.  I've learned that if I deem a piece "not precious," i.e. "practice," it takes the pressure off, enabling me to play a bit without a fear of wasting expensive materials.  So I grabbed a couple paintings I did not like and decided to paint over them.

Both of these were done from the live bouquet, not a photo.  I experienced all of the challenges that a live model brings: shifting perspective, lighting changes, movement etc.  This model did not need 15 minute breaks to stretch but I assure you, the painter did!

The major problem the model gave was that after several days (I was working so slowly) the flowers began to bloom and get fuller and more beautiful. Even the colors began morphing. Ahhhh, the pain.  But remember: it didn't matter so I played and played, my buds, most of them, blooming along with the model.

Here they are.  Two very different versions of the same gathering.  Two different backgrounds and looks.  Two slightly different sizes.  Do you have a preference?  Let me know because just as I had decided to frame one ($) and not the other (dumpster time) someone came in and oohed and ahhhed over the one I had rejected.  Oops.

So do tell.  And never say never.  Hint: more flowers are on the easel even as I type!


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