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Friday, March 17, 2017

Inspiring Colors of Marrakech

...Colored cottons hang in air
charming cobras in the square
Striped djellabas we can wear....
They're taking me to Marrakech, all aboard.

(Graham Nash, - Crosby, Stills & Nash  1969)

Jardín Majorelle, Yves Saint Laurent Studio

As I sang my heart out with C, S & N, lo those many years ago,  I had no idea I would actually get to experience the sights that inspired those words.  Oh as I sift through the sensual treats of two weeks of painting in Marrakech I will simply share here a bit of the inspiring color.

street music and intimate concerts

color at every turn

ornate craftsmanship on products used for centuries

 crowded alleys and busy streets in the medina led
to the legendary souks

and contrasted with the serene 

So hold that thought!  I feel some stories emerging and some paintings waiting to come to life.  A city of contrast, of shadow, of color ... filled with the great warmth of its citizens, Marrakech was a treat in all respects.  More to come.

Brimming with Color,

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