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Friday, January 6, 2017

Notes from Elio Camacho

I am often asked how one chooses what workshops to take. 
As a beginner I grabbed every class I could afford and/or get to 
hoping something might just stick.  As your style emerges you begin to
get more discretionary on who you take from.  My painting gang is
always generous in sharing the info culled from a class so here 
is a "share" from Carol Schiff on a wonderful instructor: Elio Camacho.

My friends and I drove to Fernandina Beach, FL to attend a workshop with Elio Camacho, one of my favorite painters and my very favorite instructor.
 We began each day with a beautiful sunrise over the ocean and then got to work.

 This is one of Elio's 36x48" demos painted in just three hours.

Here he met a challenge to paint without darks believing that a painting should 
bring it's own light.  I think this one meets that requirement!

 Another of his larger than life paintings.

This 25 minute demo was done on foam core.  He pushed the color even more
 than usual getting wild and crazy.

His brushwork is very exciting...something I am hoping to bring to my work.

Elio spent a year painting blue studies, then moved on and studied yellows and reds.  He likes to set up still life and challenge his students to render it all in a single color.
He believes red is the most difficult color to paint.  If you can do a red painting, he believes one can really see color.  This is a 20 minute demo he did for us one day.

Here is the last demo, painted in about 15 minutes, out of his head.  I almost cried when he scrapped it off the next morning.

Needless to say, we are excited to return for his next Florida workshop in the spring.  You can find his workshop schedule here.

Carol Schiff

Thanks Carol,   I've put Elio on my "wish" list for future workshops!

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