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Friday, October 21, 2016

We Are All Creatives.....

I have a flimsy theory that as society got farther and farther 
removed from having to craft everything it used
(from tools to cloth to homes and quilts)
that individuals began to lose their confidence in making things.
No one who needed a blanket had the luxury of not
making one.  But today we divide ourselves into creatives
and non-creatives.  And the "nons" get an extra helping of much so they are denied the thrill of trying.

My purpose in blogging every week is to share insight on a variety of creative processes in an effort to share the many pleasures art provides.  Yet I also long to nudge those of you who are convinced that you are "not creative" to try something new for the sole purpose of pleasure.  Crazy concept?  Try a tie dye party.  For real.  Fun, cheap and a barrel of laughs.  Take a peek at some fun we had this week trying out "ice dying" as well as old fashioned (with new fashion dyes) "tie dye."

 Check the link (or google) above on specifics but ice dyeing takes no more than a bucket, bag of ice, white item and some dye.  We found the pre-soak step very important in the adherence of vibrant colors so don't skip that stage.

We used a variety of containers.  It's not precise, it's a no fail process as long as you like the colors!

Note, unless, like me, you are accustomed to having green fingers for a week or so, wear plastic gloves!

Ice dying gives a more muted affect for the colors blending...isn't Lisa's skirt gorgeous? I can't wait to trick out my dress above.  To find some cotton clothes to dye try this link for choices.

Of course we could not resist doing a few in the method of our hippie days: tie dye with rubber bands.

pretty gorgeous come summer time!

detail of my dress, note affect of ice dye

So treat yourself and some friends to that wonderful high you get when you step back and see your handiwork.  It may not be your favorite piece of clothing but it will be a favorite day spent laughing, sharing stories and catching up.  Therapy and art, just like an old fashioned quilting bee.

Let me know how it goes....I'll even share your results if you send a photo.

Color Fully Yours,

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