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Friday, June 17, 2016

Waaay Under-Valued: the Dandelion

Did you know that the humble dandelion is responsible for most
of the pollution of our rivers and streams?
AND that is also one of the most nutritious plants on 
our planet? 

Well, neither did I.
So I took a foraging class recently and was literally blown away, inspired, amazed and educated.  But I can only learn so much at a time so I decided to focus first on the common dandelion, taraxacum officinale, in the asteraceae family.  Like I will ever remember that?  Yeah, but what I can remember is that dente-de-lion refers to the tooth edged leaves, lion teeth, get it?  Helps make a positive id.

About that pollution: millions of dollars are spent every year by Americans trying to rid their yards of the lovely little yellow flowers with the only result being that the poisons run off lawns and ruin our waterways....while the sturdy little weed returns again and again.

The nutrition is exceptional: the greens contain high levels of vitamin A, calcium and potassium. The teacher remarked that if word gets out how good these are for us we will probably never seen another one as they will be harvested, packaged and sold for really big bucks.

You can tell the dente de lion won me over.  So I made tea, put greens in a salad and researched dandelion wine recipes, oh and I painted them to further burn the identification into my memory.

I wanted a fun background so I started with some acrylics
until I liked what was happening

a detail, I loved finding a plant that had all 3 stages
of the flower on it....yes, I did blow and make a wish

A Dandy Deal, oil, 8 x 6, $45.00
on cradled board, no frame needed

There is a lot of information I would suggest you read as you head out to the yard with your harvest basket, one source is here.  And another, just for starters, is here.

Did I mention they are low in calories?  Did I remind you that making Dandelion Wine is one of the great rites of spring?  Need I say more?  I may get around to a series of these wonder plants but just in case I don't and you want to buy this one, (it, like the plant, is so under value!) you may contact me here.

Going GREEN,

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