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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Re-visiting the Sainted &Painted

I'm's been a crazy six weeks of highs and lows and every emotion you can imagine.  I am going to a place, mentally and physically, where I will not have to live out of my backpack thrown on the floor and wonder where I am when I wake up.  For that reason I am reposting a previous blog for you this weekend.

When I posted this blog several years ago, my mother was quick to order a set of books to share with her book club.  Why?  Well, the primary reason was that her daughter was the author.  But I also like to think that she was proud of being one of the models for a saint: Saint Jane of the Generous.  (If this temporary computer I am using had the photo I would share...). I read that chapter during my tribute at her celebration service, and every word felt as true then as it did when I penned it.  So in her honor I bring back the Saints.  Here's the archived blog:

I've always been fascinated by saints.  The stories, the histories, the miracles and the art...not to mention the icons, the relics, the lore and, did I mention, the art.  So without any special saint to call my own I decided to claim several, canonize them, paint them, light a candle for them and then share them.

This dozen admirable women are truly saints you will want to meet.  Some you may already know: Saint Jane of the Generous, Saint Amy of the Adventurous and Saint Kathy of the Courts.  

Others, Saint Sharon of the Survivors, Saint Christabel of the Been-to-Hells, and Saint Wilda of the Wise are saints you will admire and strive to emulate.  They all have miracles to share and they all have walked in our shoes.

If you know art you might detect a bit of Modigliani's influence in the style of portrait.  I love his portrayal of women and found it very freeing to paint from the heart instead of a photograph.  While several of my saints don't recognize their image as fully as others do, to me each portrayal is painted from a careful inventory of memory and imagination.  The book explains the deliberate choice of icons, colors and backgrounds chosen to further each story.

You may order the book on-line by going here. It's priced at $12.99 which makes it a very affordable gift to share with others.  Get yourself one but don't forget to order a few to share.  (Disclosure: I have noted that very often has them at an even cheaper price.....)

Today modern heroes are in short supply, they all seem to be falling off their pedestals rather quickly.  But real saints never put themselves on a pedestal and never held themselves up for example. None of these women ever thought of herself as a saint but each gave me permission to share her story.  If you've been needing a modern day miracle-worker to relate to, you will enjoy "Sainted & Painted: Stories of the Not Wholly Holy."

ARTfully yours,

I plan to find my paints during this respite and have new stuff to share soon.  Meanwhile, look for the saints in your life and honor them in some way.  Have a colorful weekend...thanks for the day off!

Blue now but tending towards a lovely purple-pink,

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