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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Villa Poggiolame of Arte Umbria

It's nap time (Italians don't call it a siesta) so I have a few minutes to show you the villa where I am happily ensconced this week. 

This is the back side, above. You can see the studio entrance thru the glass doors. The terrace is above and the upper window on the right is my bedroom. 

Here is a little view of my space. So lovely. Every room of course is different. I have taken wrong turns many times going from my room to the dining room or salon. Lots of long halls and many turns, all distinguished by large wooden doors which are kept closed and, to me, directionally challenged as I am, all look alike. 

I took a little walk about this morning before breakfast and caught some distance views before the rain moved in. 

I didn't need to speak italian to figure out what these signs read!

This is where our eggs come from. 

Here are the trees that are responsible for all the olive oil we are consuming as well as another view of the villa. 

I found this tree house on the property and was ready to skip class in favor of dragging up a book and pretending to be a child again. The dark clouds and approaching storms, plus a body ready for coffee, squashed that idea however. 

Rain has changed some of our plans. Obviously long range views of landscapes are not too practical. Kelly is punting well however. This morning I experimented with several others on interior landscapes. We used watercolor so as not to leave our marks and that was a huge challenge for me.

Here are my first three attempts at the same scene. There is something decent about each but no one that is error free. No worries, I have it sketched for one more pass after naps... Hopefully I can take all the right parts and get them into one piece!

More later, gotta get a rest-up, dinner out tonight and these Italians dine late!

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