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Friday, March 13, 2015

Off the Wall! Art on Furnishings

My Art Comes Off the Wall
My Art is Off the Wall

Choosing colors, choosing's all a creative challenge.  And if you remember my shoe painting experiment you know I love to find and make art that is not meant to hang on the wall.

I've been in a lot of elevators lately where everyone stares at the floor while traveling...and guess what? my painted shoes always provoke conversation.  Fun.  Moral of the story: surround yourself with lovely things and life gets interesting.

Back to the leather painting saga.  I wanted to fancy up a comfy/up-cycled chair if I found the proper paint.  Selecting Angelus Brand Leather paints I got busy sketching a design on tracing paper. The paper pattern was used on the chair for the first designs but abandoned as I got more comfortable with the composition.  Cleaning the chair (or shoes) first with acetone to remove any dirt or grease.


 I put transfer paper under the drawing and went over it again leaving a chalk guide line on chair.

Using throwaway Styrofoam trays for a mixing palette, I discovered that at least two coats of paint was needed if not more.  For large swatches it was critical to keep the first couple coats as smooth as possible.

The vibrant greens here contrast nicely with dark leather.

The original layout suited my first idea of keeping it all simple and sleek.  But as I progressed it began to feel a bit dull and "predictable".  A little too TJ Maxx and not enough "Bohemia" for my taste.  

So tossing the drawings, I began to let the creative muse take over.  Pops of white began to appear and the shapes of the additional flowers changed to circles.

I think it's done!  Maybe...  

My shoes have held up wonderfully but I plan to finish this piece as the Angelus Company recommends: by wiping a satin finisher over the painted areas.  I probably wouldn't bother for myself but as the piece is destined for a show, I want to assure a prospective owner that it will withstand any amount of wear and tear an office chair could expect.  (and p.s. before I began any of the ARTwork I covered up all the leather parts, ventured outside and sprayed the bottom railings to a perfect coat of black.)

And that is just one way I take my art off the walls.

COLORFully Yours,

another note: next week I'll recap the wonderful comments shared on your personal criteria for favorite art...any more thoughts please send now.


  1. That is absolutely awesome. You have such a knack for design, it's a wonderful chair.

  2. Good advice Cindy and a great piece.

  3. Thanks ladies, so glad to get the feedback, after a while I totally lose any perspective!

  4. I LOVE this project. And it is even more amazing in person. Great idea and fabulously executed, Cindy! I'm sticking with my "you are amazing" commentary. xo

  5. I love the design on the leather chair. My husband claims I'll paint on anything if it stays still long enough. I like painting on large wooden cigar boxes so I can stash all the odd bits and pieces of stuff I collect to do something with in the future. I stopped at Mrs. Mango's the other day for something they didn't have but got two tin ceiling tiles that called my name to paint on them. (You know what I mean) Kaye

  6. I do know what you mean Kaye! Boy do I. (got some hints for those tin tiles too if you are interested...)


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