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Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Remorse

I really wish I had carved a knock-out jack o'lantern for you for today.  I just haven't really had time to even think goblins and ghosts.  And ever since our darling neighbors grew up we haven't had many kids brave enough to walk through the dark dead end street and up a long driveway to trick or treat at our house.  Kinda takes the "oomph" out of the holiday!  Sorry, no pumpkin, no witches, no nothing orange and black!  sigh...

But...progress.  A short share of a large piece that is one critique away from being done.

Everglades Sentinel, 30 x 24, oil on canvas

I say "one critique away" as I do like to spend a bit of time away from the piece before declaring it final.  That way, with fresh eyes, I can give a last critique and make corrections if needed.   I captured this fellow on a camping trip in the Everglades last spring on a crisp and sunny day.

There is a lot of texture in this piece when you come in close.  Layers of light and shadow dancing off the mangroves that framed this regal bird.  He barely moved but you could see that his eyes were taking in everything.

Here is a detail of part of the heron.  Not too much farther along we found another heron looking just as stoic and poised as an alligator swam right past him.  I was thinking either the gator didn't fancy to heron meat or the heron knew it was not meal time?!

Meanwhile I am back to another piece trying to get the tree to grow into the ground, not on top of it.
Hope your Halloween is filled with costumed gremlins at your door....this year I'm not falling for my husband's trick of insisting we load up on candy bars "just in case."

Enjoy your weekend of blue skies,
Color Fully Yours,


  1. Cindy! This painting is exquisite. Well done. Tell the critic to go easy. You've got this!
    Looking forward to the show!
    Happy Halloween, candy or no!

  2. Boo too! And will do artsymatilda! Tricks and treats!

  3. Cindy--love this!!!! I see shades of recreating patterns you love in various areas of the painting.....

  4. This is a showstopper! wonderful colors!


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