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Friday, August 1, 2014

Flowing Down Stream....

....more notes from a workshop
Andy Braitman had nudged us to begin a painting in a new way, with no regard as to what it might eventually become!  We threw paint onto a dark shape and played with spatters.  We limited our palette and mixed oil and water.  I was not totally comfortable with this lack of structure and I doubted as to whether I would ever do this again.

All I could see was a goat, or perhaps a white unicorn and I was certain I had wasted not only a great deal of paint but a lot of time as well.  Then he challenged us to "find" some interesting parts (of the mess) to "save" as we looked for a subject somewhere in the chaos and energy of the canvas.

I studied the results for days, turning the canvas around each morning with my coffee.  Slowly I began to "see" one of my very favorite subjects: rocks in a stream.  

Little by little I began picking out the stones and rocks with additional paint.  As I studied what was emerging I realized that the painting was much too "cold" and needed some "warmth."

My little stream was starting to take shape even as I tried to preserve a lot of the energy and movement of my earlier work.  Here, the white paint seems a bit sterile and a tad contrived.  So I set it aside to ponder before continuing.

Down Stream
18 x 24, oil on canvas

At the risk of overworking the experiment, I am finally calling it done.  Will I try this again?  Never say never, ever!  It does force you to pull out all the lessons you have learned about painting since there is no reference photo to guide you along.  Stay tuned.

MEANWHILE.....  lend me your thoughts.  I am at the very early stages of a possible series for a gallery under the theme of "Sanctuary."  Do you have a 'sanctuary' or an oasis or a place that calms your heart and fills your soul?  How do you define the word and what do you picture when you think of it?

I would so love your input....regardless of whether it is an ideal painting in your mind.  Please take a moment to think on this and share with me your thoughts.  There is a lot of planning involved in a series that evokes feeling and I hope you can help me put this all together.

thanks a heap.  I remain

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  1. I was so with you on the unicorn sighting. But once you named rocks, I was easily along for the entire journey. What an amazing process, Cindy. Congratulations. Exquisite. You are in such a perfect "Sanctuary" area ... water falls, overhangs, mountain peaks & valley floors. Try Elk River Falls. I've sorted out zillions of "jitters" and calmed plenty of mind, body and soul parts right there! Wherever you paint, I cannot WAIT to see the results! I know they will be amazing. xoxo


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