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Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Colors of San Miguel

Color is everywhere the doors of San Miguel
                                            The pottery of San Miguel
                                               the fabric and cloth of San Miguel
Even splashes of vibrant yellow along the roadways           

                                                                   outside San Miguel

You do not have to look far for color inspiration in San is everywhere and contrasts loudly with the now-brown countryside.  When the spring rains begin the place will come alive with flowers and verdant green fields.  But for now I love finding the colors jumping out at me and screaming for attention against the earthy colored background.

And speaking of attention: gold stars to those of you who caught my (mindless) error in the last blog: blue, of course, is a primary color and when mixed with yellow, another primary, it makes green.  Apparently I left a bit of my brain at the health department!  Big kudos to those of you who noted the reversal and nodded in understanding for the foggy confusion I was still in!  I will do better, I will never be error free, but better!

We had a play date today. Instead of hitching a ride with fellow farm guests we took the rickety bus into town - a 50 minute bouncey ride that only takes about 15-20 minutes via auto.  I confess that I love public transportation; what better way to get a real flavor, not to mention smell, of the local populous as well as the scenery?  It was Saturday and lots of folks had time to go into town...I so enjoyed myself that they literally had to kick me off the vehicle at the end of the line!

From there we were on a walking mission to find a Rotary member Bob had connected with and to locate a door knocker for our front door.  The buildings of San Miquel come right up to the edge of the cobblestone streets leaving only about a 24" sidewalk, also of raised cobblestones and very uneven, for pedtrestrians to walk on.  The magic of the city is behind the doors which open onto the streets.  There is no way to imagine what might be contained therein....a tiny shop or the most elegant entrance to a home or hotel.  Large patio gardens sometimes precede a restaurant whose name is discreetly on the door, or it might open onto a hallway for apartments.  No clue!

So I will go to sleep tonight imagining my door photos made into precious little paintings....I just have to decide whether to execute in watercolor or acrylic....or both!

Sending you colorful dreams,

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  1. i am dripping with envy. PLEASE enjoy it enough for the "lot" of us left behind. I cannot wait to see the inspiration explode into your work. Hugs to you both.
    ole green


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