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Friday, March 21, 2014

Back to San Miguel!

I'm back in San Miguel...well, via my art.  I'm in the studio catching up on all of the smaller pieces I began while visiting Mexico because I am itching to start some new pieces.  I have lots of new ideas on things I want to paint but promised myself to complete these first.  Sometimes the smaller sizes are much more difficult and time consuming than they ought to be. Let's start the tour:

Lavender Morning
8 x 10, oil on canvas
I'm a sucker for trying to paint memories (not by memory!) and this brings to mind the wonderful fresh lavender growing all around our front porch.  I could sit on the stoop of our little house smelling the lavender while watching the sun come up over the mountains behind us. It cast all kinds of kinky shadows on the fields and mountains in front of us and every morning was a different show.

La Casa Zen, Simple Choice Farm
8 x 10, oil on canvas
This is Elizabeth's little zen house which was next door to us.  The shadows were always fun to watch and this moment the light particularly shown on the jacaranda tree just over the fence from her.  It was threatening to burst into bloom any day.  Meanwhile the colors of the stucco were very much the colors of the earth.

6 x 12, oil on panel, framed

Hacienda Azul
6 x 6, canvas board, unframed

Our elevation was about 7000 feet and very dry.  The Bajio Mountains must be very old as they were rounded and worn down covered with low growing vegetation.  The second little sketch is called "Blue Farm House" you see it?  I just loved the color of the large home....hacienda could be a plantation or a little farm.

Plaza San Francisco
12 x 9 oil on panel

Last on today's tour is the interior mall of the Plaza San Francisco which is downtown near the famous jardin. When the work day begins several restaurants along this courtyard will drag out tables and chairs to sell coffees, drinks and meals.  Some of the shop owners will also display their wares along the walk and of course "travelling salespeople" will hawk their crafts, jewelry and assorted other items along the stone walk.

This was such a pleasant place to observe life that we often found ourselves in the vicinity (not to mention that the Starbucks with free wi-fi was just around the corner...horrors!!).  One day we were in the park just people watching and the school kids came running through the area chasing each other.  It seems they had made eggs filled with confetti which they smashed on each others heads in celebration of carnivale (mardi gras).  The plaza and jardin (garden) were full of confetti for days following!

I can't promise that these pieces are done (I have been known to make additions even after framing...) but for the moment they will rest; I can revisit for a touch up if needed before I finish the frame.  They will eventually make it to my shop on FB/etsy or to my website for sale.  Meanwhile if one tickles your fancy just let me know.

Hasta luego, mis amigos,

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