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Friday, February 28, 2014

Catching Up, Flying Out

Yikes!  Time flies when you are having fun and when I discovered that I could sit on the floor and do a little larger painting the fun began.  All of a sudden I am behind and need to pack.

My arm is not strong enough to hold a brush out and work on an easel but I CAN sit on the floor for a bit and manage to lean in and paint.  I couldn't wait to get some color on a canvas and here are the beginnings of two pieces I look forward to working on.

A little distraction came my way in the medium of mosaics.  Good friend Cheri Glover is a pro at putting mosaics on just about anything.  You may have seen the stepping stones I started with her, mainly to have the excuse to visit and chat.  But I caught the bug and am now on the lookout for things to cover with nipped up tiles and plates.  Above is a little porch table I am working on which will be handy at wine o'clock and 

below is the beginning of a bathroom mirror.  It may be difficult to see because the lighting was not stellar but the big blue piece in the center is taped off to keep nice and pristine so the mirror will fit in flat.  I'm not sure how that part works but my teacher Cheri says to stay tuned.

Now, in addition to flying off in these directions I am also working on a power point presentation for our local museum during the discussion of my recent book, "Sainted and Painted."  I figured I would give the listeners their money's worth and share a little bit about saints in art and  history as well as some of  things to look for when viewing them.  Again I am indebted to a friend, Kathy Garvey, who is a whiz at these technical things and gave me a quick and dirty lesson on "how to" in power point.  Yes, I get by with a little help from my friends!

Finally, I have got to get serious about packing, we leave early Saturday morn. 
Some time ago I was notified that I would be an artist in residence for two weeks at a farm for creatives just outside the Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende.  So excited!  My proposal was to study several areas of interest in the world of color and to come home with notes and sketched ideas.  I hope to small studies begun there and ready to finish when I return.  My lucky (better ask him) husband gets to accompany me so the temptation to take off on a hike in the mountains will be staring right at me.  Paint first, play later I will tell myself.

While I will not have to constantly tote my supplies (as I did plein air painting in Italy) I wanyt to hone in on exactly what I will need.  It's a nine mile bus ride into town for a supplies so I want to be sure I have everything.  This is what I have gathered so far...not including study books, wrapping paper and a cloth to cover my work surface.  And it must all be checked in with MSDS (official safety sheets) to pass inspection. The days of easy travel are gone....

Hopefully my next missive will be from Mexico and I will entertain you with tales of success and insight gained from my studies.  I warn you that food reviews might creep in as well since authentic Mexican cuisine does not resemble what the US sells under that heading.  

Hasta la vista mis amigos, mas pronto!

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  1. Happy Trails to you two! I can't wait to see what all you come up with! Look for mosaics, too! Safe Journey...


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