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Friday, September 20, 2013

Just Around the Bend

Make me an offer...

"Just Around the Bend"
oil, 10 x 8, framed to size 14 x 12
This seems an appropriate piece for many reasons.  First of all, fall has always been my favorite season as it signals huge change.  Also it was always the start of a new (school) year and nature dressed up with lots of wonderful color.  Secondly, the title is apropos to this time in my life; I can sniff some changes ahead but just can't put my finger on describing them.  Like taking the curve in this painted mountain road. 
This will be my first (maybe last) "Make Me An Offer" sale!  Send me an offer to purchase ( and I'll accept the highest one.  Deadline is Tuesday, September 24.  I can't include shipping in your offer but that will run under $10 depending on where you live.  This is original oil with lots of color and texture.  It will arrive framed as you see above. I've never sold work via on-line auctions so this opportunity may never come again.  But hey, fall does that to me.
If you have never travelled with paints and supplies before you probably haven't even imagined what it entails.  Add the international aspect to that and you can see what I am preparing for currently.  While all liquids (includes paints) have to be packed (not carried on) they also have to have paperwork officially proving that they are not flammable to a certain temperature.  Heading to Italy in 2 weeks I am thinking I will need to buy some of the more toxic (and flammable) supplies when I get there.  And travelling light will be a may get down to the question of hair dryer or additional canvas!  Hmmmm, haven't decided that one yet.
If you want more info on the piece above just send me an email...before I change my mind!



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