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Friday, December 21, 2012

More Clucking Around

It's so hard to stay focused at this time of year!  Like a kid I run from one project to another barely finishing one before another beckons.  Not to mention the cookies that seem to call my name no matter where I hide (or hide them) many treats of the season to pack into a whirling 25 days.
So I wanted something purely fun on the easel or I would find excuses to leave the brushes dry.  Enter once again Brave Betty and Annie with the antics we captured on film.

Clucking Around
Since this is in acrylic I can pop into the studio, add a few feathers, swish out the brush, run to wrap a gift, eat a cookie and then repeat.  As I "know" these fine chicks (i.e. have painted them previously) they are not too difficult to render again.  The perfect formula for pleasurable work.
This is a large piece of ceiling tin, 24 x 24, that I won't need to frame (no really sharp edges) so it adds to the fun knowing there are no real "rules".  It's the level of engagement this season calls for.   I guess I should point out, however, that the really difficult part of this piece was done months ago: the surface prepartion.  The tin was painted cream along with a few other tints and while much had flaked off, the rest was removed by yours truely.  The surface was then sanded and gessoed so the paint would adhere.  It helps to do this kind of messy work in mass, prepping several surfaces to be enjoyed later on.
Ooops, gotta run, there is some homemade shortbread downstairs and I swear it is calling my name!


  1. Great capture! How in the world did you get all the stuff off of the tile? Did you sand it or what?
    LOVE the girls in this painting!

  2. paint remover, guts and gumption, but like a glutton I want to do more!


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