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Friday, December 7, 2012

Lisa's Lilies

The word "commission" gives many of us the shakes!  After the initial compliment of someone wanting to pay you (me?!) to paint something specific for them comes the dread that they won't like the final product, or the fear that they will micro-manage the process, or even the pain of not being able to understand exactly what they want.  It can turn into a very stressful experience for all sides.

But sometimes it is well worth the challenge because you know you are entrusted with something that the buyer obviously wants and will cherish for a long, long time.  Much of the skill lies in knowing when the match will other words: when to say yes.

Lisa's Lilies
24" x 36"  acrylic and oil on board
Here's a "yes."  OK, I'll admit I hestiated because Lisa is a pond expert and her lilies are really precious to her and jokes about Monet notwithstanding I had told her the art world already had enough water lilies in it!  But this is her front yard...and honestly it was all up to me as long as I included the rocks and the lily pads and the blooms and the grasses and the white flowers on the grasses and....
See? it's the "as long as" they gets an artist into trouble every darn time!!
But I love a challenge and took some photos and began to play with the idea and slowly it began to fall into place.  It is almost finished; it needs some "warming up" and a few other tweaks but so far it has the approval of it's soon-to-be owner.  But do you see the white flowers?  Me neither.  I can't accomodate her on this one as I think it would detract from the pink blooms and the light cast across the scene from the sun.  I scratched my head on this and decided if white spider flowers were a deal breaker that artistic integrity was worth breaking the deal over...that or start all over again.
See why "commisions" are fraught with concerns?  Anyway, I just thought I'd share this and attempt to explain that when you commission anyone to do anything (creative or artistic) for you, it is my opinion that you will get more than your money's worth if you give them a broad description of what you want and then step way back and let their muse take over.  This holds when ordering flowers, hiring a carpenter or commissioning a piece of art.  The more they know about the use (I knew the size needed and the location it would hang) and your desire for a result (to capture their front yard pond in all its glory), the more exciting the results will be. 

And for the record (in case she reads this) may I state publically that Lisa and her lilies were the perfect clients!!

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  1. Lilies have always been one of my most favorite subjects to paint. Bravo for you for painting such a beautiful subject


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