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Friday, November 2, 2012

Tractors on Tin

One of the interesting parts of working in "mixed media" is that you are "allowed" to mix it up and try new combinations of paints, pencils, supports and so on.  I've seen some work done on galvanized aluminum and perhaps some tin but never questioned anyone on the process or the materials used.  Thus I could hardly resist when I came across some small tin pieces (probably used in a kitchen backsplash) in a "treasure" store.  I bought two and stuck them away for a bit.  Recently I needed a change so I fished them out and went to work on the layers of rust and dirt covering them.

I soon realized that only a miracle would return them to their once shiney state and decided I would just have to work with the rust and the color it made once smeared around with paint striper.  Having recently drawn old tractors I figured that these would be appropriate subject matter for the surface. 
After stabiling the surface I drew my tractor on.  Remember that dark rusty color?  Well, it definitely affects the ability to use color in the drawing.  Most of the work is done with colored pencils.

The photo does not do the surface justice as the camera did not register the color differeniation very well.  The piece is about 9" high by 12" wide and a bit sharp on the edges.
The top is a "Farmall Cub" and the bottom is labeled "International" which I assume became International Harvester.  Here are some details:
Not everybody's cup of tea but I certainly enjoyed tackling a new surface with the challenge of materials choice and surface prep.  In fact, I have two much, much larger tins in the works (old ceiling tiles I suspect) and one more "on order."  Guess I like to run out all the possibilities of combos before moving on.  Stay tuned for the others...they are different in subject matter and approach.

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  1. I LOVE these! My goodness, you have really got the tractor thing down, Cindy! And there are plenty more BIG tiles where those came from! Just let us know when you are ready. These are fabulous!


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