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Friday, October 19, 2012

Shameless Self-Promotion

I had the fun experience last week of being interviewed for a blog that was covering Artists' Studios.  Sandra McCall, of northern Arizona is running a series which covers artists studios and a little bit about them.  Since she went to so much work  I wanted to share with you the major part of the interview which was in her post last week.  Click on her name to go to her blog page and see her art.

After a very nice introduction (blush, blush) Sandra's blog read like this:

(I asked Cindy to share a little bit about herself , her art and her studio with a few “interview” questions.)
SM: Describe your creative self in five words.
Cindy: fearless, obsessive, curious, colorful, and compulsive
SM: When did you first discover your passion for art?
Cindy: I was about 6 when I took my first art class but abandoned it in high school to study more “practical” subjects. Not until my second child was well into his high school years did I sneak back to the easel for some more lessons.
SM: How would you describe your style? Cindy: all over the map? my friends and collectors say they can recognize my style but I tend to continuously try new things so I am afraid that I lack “a” style. Hopefully it will emerge…maybe as I grow up. Right now I am combining the detail of graphite with the spontaneous abstraction of layered colors. Next week I may be back to pastel landscapes…I am also teaching yard art classes with thrift shop treasures.SM: What are your favorite art mediums? And why do you prefer these? Cindy: oil, acrylic, pastel and graphite. Because they lend themselves well to mixing and matching with a wide variety of other mediums and I love to experiment with 2 or more together. The choice depends on the mood I am looking for: detailed, spontaneous, bright, textured, soft, simple shapes or blended tones.Do you exhibit your work? Would you like to share exhibition links here? I do exhibit in Melbourne, Florida and in western N.C. but the most accessible places to see my work are my website and my blog…both offer work for purchase.
SM: How do you bridge the lack-of-time gap between making art and promoting your art?
Cindy: I am fortunate that I am not the sole support of my family as I would need to do a lot more promoting as well as raise my prices. That said, I think building relationships and maintaining contacts are the most important promotion areas for me so I stay active in my community and never miss an opportunity to share my work. I was previously in public relations so some of those tasks come naturally for me.
Sandy: Tell us a little about your art studio.
Cindy: For many years I worked in a small (small) room off the bedroom. When the boys left home we realized we were using very little of the “game room” (aka: converted garage) they had played pool in etc. My husband’s brilliant idea was to cut the garage-sized room in half providing studio space on one side and television space on the other.
I hired a friend who lived with an artist and thus knew our quirky requirements. He came up with an imaginative and attractive wall that is 12 feet long and and stops just short of 12″ from the ceiling. On the TV side he covered it with bead board and molding and painted to match the rest of the room.

On my side he built 3 work stations: one with flat files, one with a knee hole I can use as a desk, and one that has shelves for mailing and framing supplies. All are joined by a 3 foot by 12 foot wood top (I cushioned the framing end with a carpet remnent). The work stations are joined by the table top and then all mounted to the wall…nothing went into the floor or ceiling and thus can all be moved when necessary.
On the opposite wall I have two easels, book shelves and wall space for hanging art. I inherited a great storage closet and we put a folding screen at the entry end so that it makes a little foyer for carport entrance into the tv room.

SM: What is YOUR best tip for organizing your studio?
Cindy: To put everything back where it belongs whenever you set it down…now I wish I could learn to follow that. I’d gain a year of time back if I did not have to look for things that I was just working with!!
SM: What’s coming next from your studio?
Cindy:I have a “saint” series in mind; different I know, but it has been nagging at me for quite a while so I am anxious to get started.
Cindy’s work hangs in public buildings throughout Brevard County under the auspices of the Brevard Cultural Alliance. It can also be found in private collections in MD, DC, VA, TN, NC, TX and FL. It is available for purchase at the Allaprima styling group in Eau Gallie, FL; Moonstar Gallery in Foscoe, NC; her etsy shop, and on her website.
Cindy offers information about art techniques, styles and struggles as well as highlights other types of art on her blog.  Cindy’s blog comes out once a week on Fridays.
Interested in Cindy’s art? Would you like to have her teach at your venue? Cindy can be contacted through her website or by e-mail


  1. LOVE shameless self promotion! And I learned some new things about you! Thanks so much for sharing! I am very envious over your studio space! Can't wait to see your "Saint" series!

  2. Thanks...come play in my studio some day! But yours intrigues me...that's the way it goes.


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