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Friday, September 21, 2012

Details Can Be Abstract

For some time now I have been painting trees: their trunks, their bark, their shape and their leaves.  I love the body language of trees and I also love how the repetition of certain details becomes abstract when seen apart from the whole of the tree.  Slowly I am beginning to paint other things but I have a few more to share from this particular series.

graphite and acrylic on cradeled board
16 x 20
The sweetgum tree intrigues me mainly because of the fascinating little seed pods it puts out which are miserable to step on in bare feet.  Nevertheless I continue to gather these odd little balls since I find them very interesting.  I think I painted this entire piece just so I could showcase the tiny little sample hidden in the "treasure box" tucked onto the lower left hand of the painting.  The trunk of the tree is one of those repetitious details that is almost abstract when zeroed in on alone.  I also find the dark and light patterns of leaves on a full grown tree rather abstract in nature when squinted at.
Anyway, this is my interpretation of a Sweetgum Tree, it's leaves, pods, bark and overall shape.
"Sweetgum" detail
box open
And here is what the box opens to reveal.  You just can't improve on the design of Mother Nature, can you?  Framing this piece will be a real challenge as I just see everything competing with the art...oh well, who said the artistic challenges end when you sign your name?  I'll have some fun with it.  And if you think of a better title for the piece, please, please share....some days they are so elusive!

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