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Friday, September 7, 2012

Creative Yard Art

Sometimes the funnest things are activities you never really set out to do!  Such was the case when I spontaneously agreed to teach a workshop in making glass flowers from plates.  I had been doing them for local shops and had so many questions that we decided to share the fun via a class.
me playing teacher,
looks like an infomercial, no?
My sweet friend Cheri offered her home, information was circulated and voila! we had ourselves a date.  Ten brave students gathered, some confessing that creative sports were not in their wheelhouse.  I guaranteed fun for all.  I get a little enthusiastic in my thrift shop endeavors and forget that not everyone is as familiar with the jewels to be found as I am.  Nevermind, I loaded up on enough to supplement anything that anyone brought in and handed out little bags of adhesive and "fixings." We even set up a "trade" area for extra materials.
Marsha and Yvonne listening intently
The wonderful thing about this kind of craft is that we can play with all kinds of color combos and shape mixes before ever committing to putting them together.  So play we did!  Lots of ideas were shared, opinions offered and encouragement given.  Whew, once the adhesive was in place it was time to let the art "set" and take a break for lunch.
lunch with the ladies is always educational
The results were wonderful!  Not a failed project among them...I truely got some renewed inspiration from watching the way these ladies worked...Lots of lucky folks will be getting original yard art for Christmas this year.  I know I'm not finished yet!!
Take a peek here at just some of the lovely pieces created:

So imagine these peeking out of your greenery in the garden...
Hope you can join us next time!

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