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Friday, August 3, 2012

Heaven on Earth

I'm still working with graphite (a fancy word for pencil) and a limited color palette.  This time however I threw in another factor: a gray background. ( I looked up the difference between grey and gray and guess what?  most often they are interchangeable, grey being the British preferred spelling and gray more widely used in the US.)  Anyway, the definition of "having characteristics of the two extremes" seems apt when using it in this painting as I started with what could be a neutral background (the middle of two extremes) and went about adding the two characteristics: black and white.

Mountain Morning
12" x 12"
mixed media on board

This is partly taken from memory and partly from a few morning photos I have captured.  I am always amazed and intrigued when the "clouds" start from the ground early in the day and move up.
I realize it is really closer to fog or steam but to me they are clouds and they move rather rapidly upwards to join the other clouds just starting to be visible.  It always reminds me that truely there is "heaven on earth." 

p.s.  Someone recently asked if these works were for sale and the only correct answer is YES.  But I am not listing them yet as I am planning a street show in November and will show them there.  However, if you are interested in a piece I am more than happy to make it available.  Just send me an email.

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