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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chasing Shiny Objects

My painting gang got inspired to play with texture one day to see what different effects we might be able to create.  Implied texture is when the painting makes you think it has bumps and
lumps, or whatever; but real texture (it really does have bumps and lumps) is
what we were after.
We gathered our materials and combined the odds and ends from errant projects and got together
one Monday to get messy and see what happened.
I decided to put a lot of different experiments onto one canvas and then treat it all as one
painting.  Be careful: this is harder than it looks.

After adding all kinds of mediums and some beach sand and then running patterns thru
some of it, I had to let it dry a long time.
I slowly began putting acrylic colors down and honestly there was no
plan other than to use a lot of circles balanced by some straight lines.
There were many, many stages in this piece from start above to this finish line...I guess I could keep going but when I began gluing on shiny metal circles I realized that at
this stage I had created a self-portrait!  My friends tease me about the wide range
of interests I get distracted by, exclaiming, "there you go, chasing another
shiney object!"
Ah yes...that is so, and I seem to run around in a lot of circles doing such....
oh the analogies are endless.
Meanwhile, here's a detail...just so you can see the real texture we were after.
This piece just begs to be touched...but careful: one of the shiney objects is sharp!!
Don't look for too many more of these from yours truely.

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