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Friday, August 19, 2011

Many Mushrooms

I just can't stop seeing mushrooms!  I know it is a bit obsessive but their colors and shapes and endless variety seem to fascinate me.  I want to promise that before I paint another mushroom I will study them so that I can identify them by name...notice that is a promise I want to make....
This little study is 8" tall by 6" wide, done on cradled board and ready to be tucked into a special place.  I think it is very much a "feeling" piece as opposed to a "compositionally-correct" piece. 
That is, this confusion of color and shapes and distraction is exactly the way
the floor of the forest "feels" to me when I hike and, of course,
search for fungi specimen.  It's beautiful and abstract and then, wow, there's a
mushroom, and then there is another, and
another and another.
Suddenly there is a composition, suddenly it all falls together and begins
to have a very nice shape and flow to it.  Just takes a bit of study
and patience.



  1. I'm not surprised it sold so quickly. Nice piece!

  2. I think it's absolutely wonderful! Congrats on the quick sale, too!


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