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Monday, August 1, 2011

Alone but Happy

This proud mushroom stands solo but seems very happy in his forested retreat.
I have no problem giving personalities and even background stories to
plants and animals that I paint.  When I hike I
usually find clusters of mushrooms sprouting up after the rains.  This specimen
was different, no rain preceeded his discovery and no buddies were hanging
out nearby.  So I concluded he was either the Lone Ranger or the last survivor
of a mushroom clan.
The finished piece is 8" tall by 6" wide, done on a cradled (framed out) wooden board which is painted white along the edges.  It is rendered in acrylic washes and graphite (pencil), sealed and protected.
I enjoy painting on these boards as they are very flexible in the final stages: hung on a wall with the hanger on the back, propped up on an easel and thus able to be moved around, or even stood upright on a bookshelf.  They are very lightweight and there is no glass to break or smudge.
Any ideas as to whether this is a male or a female


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