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Monday, May 16, 2011

Godspeed Endeavor

My painting gang head to the beach this morming to watch the last launch of the Endeavor.  I've lived in Brevard County, Florida for 30 years and the space program has never been old hat with the locals.  No matter where you are the world stops as the countdown approaches T minus 10 seconds.  We stop our cars and hold our breath.

Here's what a tiny part of the beach looked like from Mary's seventh story condo balcony:
It was a crystal clear morning with a coolish breeze so beach goers could not have been happier.  The traffic came to a standstill as cars pulled over and everyone looked northward towards the ocean.  We were indeed rewarded:

This is fairly high into the sky having already passed through some low lying clouds.  The bright yellow burn from the engines is barely visible at this point and everyone is just beginning to take a breath.  About this moment you can hear a loud cheer rise up from the beach (or where ever you are) as no one ever takes this for granted.  We always applaud and cheer when it gets this high.  As the cheer dies down the sound barrier is broken and a loud boom sounds across the can almost feel it.

I know this is not much of an art post....but scientific exploration is an art and it is one I hope this country doesn't give up on.  It was very difficult to settle into painting after witnessing history.  Sigh.


  1. what a nice memory for you...thanks for sharing it

  2. Well said, Cindy. We are very lucky to have been able to view/participate in this for the last 50 years! (Has it really been that long!!!)

  3. I think it's verynsad to see our space program diminish. I can't shake the feeling that ie will turn out to be a big mistake. Great photo, Cindy. Really captures the feeling of fun and excitement. - Cyndi

  4. I think most of us remember being in school when the gemini went up, then man on the moon...I think we will regret abandoning this effort...

  5. Thank you for your lovely comments and I love,love "the thinking tree". I too paint but lately I haven't had much time for any to that. take care and good luck with the giveaway.
    Au revoir

  6. I just found your blog from comments you posted on Carol Flatt's blog. My husband and I were in Florida at the end of February to see our new granddaughter when the previous shuttle launched. We ran to the beach at Lake Worth, barely made it, but we couldn't see anything because of the clouds. I was really disappointed because watching the shuttle launch (even at a distance) was sort of on my bucket list but it's really hard to plan to be there at the right time with delays and all. Thanks for describing the launch. It was almost like being there. I don't think we are going to make it for the last one either. I, too, am sorry that this will be the last year for the space shuttles. I wish they had a replacement already.

  7. I hope you will be able to watch the shuttle launch tomorrow if the weather cooperates. I found some news about what's next and thought you might find it interesting.
    Here's the link:


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