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I believe that art enriches and informs our lives everyday in many positive ways. Sharing those experiences, whether as an artist or as an appreciator, is part of the pleasure. I welcome your comments and hope you find something of value: a laugh, an insight, a new idea or just a happy moment. Enjoy art!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Surprise Gift!

One of the best phone calls ever came on Christmas morning from the person who received the painting(s) at the left as a gift.  He had actually contacted me about purchasing it but, unbeknownest to him, his wife had previously secured it and alerted me that he might call.  I had to kinda fib my way through his inquiry letting him know he was a tad late in making his intentions known. After promising him I would consider painting another one I packed this up and mailed it to the giver.  I think I was as thrilled as he was on Christmas morning when he called to share his surprise and excitment.  Knowing someone loves a painting is a very special feeling....makes me anxious to get back into the studio and paint again!


  1. Cindy, This is even more beautiful in person. I think you have the technique that is just perfect for you!

  2. Cindy...

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I'm Loving your blog. Beautiful colors to let your beautiful paintings shine. I'll look forward to seeing all your posts. Lou

  3. It's a beautiful painting so no surprise you sold it!


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