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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Need a Name!?

(Help!  This 18 x 18 mixed media painting of a philodendron (in my backyard) needs an appropriate title!
I am plumb out of anything creative or descriptive....hate to leave it with "Philodendendron I" send in your ideas...please.)
Meanwhile, this piece was great fun to execute: it is "push and pull" when I tackle mixed media.  I start with a panel tediously primed with many coats of gesso (sanding in between) and when it is as glassy as I want it I begin to apply layers of watercolor.  Next comes the sketch or general layout.  All this needs stabilizing before anymore progress because my hands will wipe off the pencil sketch while the acrylic can smear up the watercolor.  Then I begin the fun of pushing some areas back and pulling others forward...done with graphite and thin layers of acrylic.  Yes, it is time consuming but, like baking bread, each stage must be executed carefully in order to enjoy the final result.  Don't try this at home if you are in a hurry! 
For additional photographs of this nameless piece click here; that's the same click if you wish to purchase it.
The board is "cradled" which means it has a 3/4" depth (painted solid) around it and does not need any additional framing or glass.  It's also very lightweight.

Now...send me your suggested titles, either to my email or go to the blog site:  by clicking on the word Comment...(it's very tiny) under the text, by entering here you can also see what anyone else has sent in.  Thanks a heap!


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